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Stop the press!! Consuelo from Latinotype

Consuelo a font inspired by brush strokes. The family consists of a set of 4 variants, with their respective italics, plus a set of ornaments that will give the designer multiple choices when composing texts.

Consuelo is ideal to be used in decorative titles, short phrases, magazines, logotypes and advertising.

Purchase: Consuelo

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Stop the press!! Sergio by Fontyou

Sergio FY is characterized by its large, sharp, and triangular serifs, which give it a very singular look. With its complete character set including small caps, oldstyle figures and discretionary ligatures (amongst others), Sergio FY comes with 3 weights and italics, as well as an amazing set of ornaments. Its large width, its short ascendants and descendants allow it to perfectly fit in small size. It will also show all its originality in big sizes for headlines or posters (absolutely fabulous in its black version). Both robust and elegant, spiky and friendly, oldschool and contemporary… Sergio FY is for sure the next celebritype!

Sergio FY was co-created by Julia Joffre & the Fontyou Team on co-create.fontyou.com, the first collaborative type foundry.

Purchase: Sergio

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Blooming fabulous! Cafe Brasil font from Sofia Mohr

Café Brasil is a font designed to represent coffee, specially for it’s use in packaging, brand titles, logos and menus. Based on the shape of a coffee bean, Café Brasil has delicate details and ligatures which represent the liquid, foam and steam of a good cup of coffee.

In March 2014, Café Brasil was chosen to be part of the main exhibition at the “Tipos Latinos 2014”

Purchase: Cafe Brasil

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Hot new font!! Adria Slab from FaceType

Adria Slab is a stylish slab serif typeface that comes in seven weights and charming upright italics. Try combine it with its super friendly family member Adria Grotesk.

Enjoy making great typography with the vast choice of lining, tabular and old style figures, numerators, denominators, tabular figures, fractions, ligatures, some sweet symbols and even alternate arrows.

Purchase: Adria Slab

Purchase: Adria Grotesk

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Hold your horses!! King Bloser’s in the house from Misprinted Type!

King Bloser Is a calligraphic font family inspired by Masters of Penmanship. The name King Bloser is a homage to penman E.W. Bloser from the 18th century; While the typeface has nothing from Bloser’s work, he was one of the first penman I got to know and his work made me fall in love with the art of Penmanship. This typeface has strong italic characters, beautiful swashes, several Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Ligatures and a broad variety of Lowercase Endings, as well as Lowercase Initials. (There is a PDF manual within the font files, explaining how to use them).

Also, King Bloser comes with King Bloser X which is full of ornamental swashes that can make your designs custom and unique. If that was not all, King Bloser comes with a bonus typeface: Bloser Serif which looks lovely when combined with the Script font.

Purchase: King Bloser

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Fresh from the oven!! Laski Slab from Re-Type

Laski Slab is a comprehensive suite of 20 fonts conceived for editorial purposes. The type family was designed by Paula Mastrangelo, an Art Director with extensive experience in editorial design specialized in corporate communication. Originally developed for an online children’s magazine, Laski was expanded into a multipurpose type family with the technical assistance of Ramiro Espinoza.

Belying the intrinsic robustness of the slab serif genre, Laski’s humanistic construction and subtle calligraphic details lend it a friendly appearance. Round, open letter forms and generous horizontal proportions make it easy to read. The regular weights perform impeccably in text sizes, while the bolder versions produce expressive and very effective subheadings and headlines. Two idiosyncratic stencil variants considerably expand Laski’s creative potential.

Laski Slab is a suite of feature-rich OpenType fonts fully equipped to tackle complex, professional typography. The character set includes five sets of numerals, small caps, fractions, alternate characters and case-sensitive forms. Besides standard Latin its extensive character set supports Central European, Baltic and Turkish languages.

Laski Slab received a “Certificate of Excellence” at the 2014 Tipos Latinos Biennale.

Purchase: Laski Slabe

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Hot off the press!! Aaron Script

Aaron Script is highly legible Script typeface, a simply beautiful, classic, elegant and fun script font. 

With almost 400 glyphs and contain with opentype features. Stylistic alternates, Ornament, swash and more. can be used for various purposes.such as logos, wedding invitation, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, 

news, posters, badges etc. 

Purchase: Aaron Script

Hot New Font!! Doedel

Doedel is a strong script font that comes with over 800 glyphs and is equipped with a host of OpenType features, works well at large sizes and making it a breeze to customize the feel of your designs. An ideal font for retro design, vintage design, t-shirt design, headline, website title, package or etc. To activate the alternate glyph you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS or CorelDraw X6-X7.

Purchase Doedel