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Graphics Alert! Quick Pack from Retro Supply

You should buy this product if:

• You need a way to give your work a high quality distressed effect fast.

• You’re often on tight deadlines and need results fast.

• You don’t want to spend hours in Photoshop.

• You want to spend your time crafting a design solution — not adding textures.

• You’re looking for a way to add that something extra to your work pronto.

You should NOT buy this product if:

• You have lots of extra hours to carefully distress your work.

• You’ve got time to burn. Your boss likes when you work slowly. 

• You have a time machine so you can make your work distressed for real.

To make a long story short the RetroSupply Quick Pack is a fast and easy way to get a REALLY convincing weathered and classic look.

Plus, if you don’t mind spending an extra 30 seconds tweaking your work you can really customize it.

Here’s everything you get:

• Get realistic results with 10 instant texture effects. Just paste your design into the folder.

• Easily change the background color and the base paper color with one click.

• Add weathered age effects to any of the files with one click.

• Choose from 4 different stains to add on top (if you really want to get dirty).

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Times tickin’!

Purchase this unbelievable bundle package from Creative Market now!

Font Bundle Sale Notice!! Hand Drawn Fonts

HAND DRAWN FONTS BUNDLE ! 8 FONTS FOR 19$ - normal price 80$. (or 90$ with the bonus font)

This bundle includes 8 high-quality, professional fonts. These aren’t just your standard hand drawn typography; these custom fonts are made by the team of Fonts of Chaos with a lot of street inspiration. Easy to use for all of your creative project, this bundle is a temporary bundle so hurry up. 

You find inside : 

- Atlantic Avenue

- 1654 Brown Street

- Natural Born Designer (double caps font)

- Royal Goblin (first time on creative market)

- Stylo Standard

- Hackney Night (2 weights)

- Pulp Hill (new version)

- Zombie Sunrise (with free patterns for photoshop)

- and bonus fonts … Bliss Yeah (3 weights)!

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Hot new font alert!! Good News Sans from Kyle W. Benson

50% off introductory offer until July 16th!

True writers know there is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed, according to Hemingway anyway. But when your blood runs dry (as does your scotch), you need your words to show vigor. You need Good News Sans.

Good News Sans’ 18 fonts come with 6 weights and 3 widths to complement any of your printing needs.

Kyle understands your woodwork brochure needs a sense of grace with a twinge of urgency. Good News Sans includes a full small caps set for that. And don’t worry, Kyle knows you’re working hard on that catalog for Chilean cattle ranchers. Not only does Good News Sans offer wide language support, it has OpenType functions and vintage looking fractions to impress their bookkeepers. Good News Sans even provides arrows, display asterisks, many stylistic alternates, and ordinal catchwords.

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